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Every homeowner facing foreclosure should know that there are individuals and businesses making a living preying on people in foreclosure in violation of Florida law.  If anyone tells you they can represent you in court ask if they are a Florida licensed attorney.  Proper legal representation provides you with the requisite knowledge to make informed decisions regarding your property.  When a foreclosure is filed the rules of the court provide a specific period of time in which to respond.  It is important for you to know that you still have options regarding your home.  At Eason Law Office, P.A. we stand by our clients providing insight into the often unfamiliar foreclosure proceeding, and work with them in an attempt to formulate the best possible solution for each of their legal problems.  We never charge for an initial consultation.

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Mediation for Homestead Properties in Foreclosure

WARNING!  Many lenders are beginning pre-suit mediation (mediation before a foreclosure is even filed).  Mediation can be very valuable to the homeowner as it provides an opportunity for all parties to discuss settlement.  Borrowers are often unaware of the importance of mediation and the role in which legal counsel can play.  Having proper legal representation at a pre-suit mediation can provide you with invaluable knowledge of your rights and options.  If you are contacted to participate in pre-suit mediation you should not take this mediation lightly, as it might be your only opportunity for a formal mediation.  Contact us today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your upcoming mediation.

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